Navigare necesse est

Full ahead !

The following documents were written during the course of my career. I decided to share them on the web rather than let them be forgotten at the bottom of a drawer.

You will find topics such as ocean, astronomic or coastal navigation, as well as pages dealing with nautical traditions and customs. I also describe instruments and methods of navigation. I discuss naval construction and principles of some maritime rules and regulations and I relate various maritime adventures. These are all elements that characterise the world of sea people.

Enjoy reading !

For example :

  • Rescue
  • Stars and astronomical navigation
  • Swiss merchant navy

Should you not find the document that interests you in your own language, you can always read it in French, and also sometimes in another language.

Until now, not all pages have been translated into D, GB, E and I. If you wish to help us with this task, we welcome your contribution. Contact us.